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Gil Farming Guide For FFXIV

Players in FFXIV earn a variety of ways to make money, from gathering to combat. Each method requires a certain amount of skill and understanding of the market.

Player housing and gardens can yield a high profit from crafting materials and gathered goods. Free Company workshops also offer a steady source of income by completing Ventures.


Whether breaking up rocks, chopping down trees, or reeling in fish, gathering is a staple of FFXIV. It provides a good amount of gil per hour and can help offset the cost of leveling synthesis classes. However, a player should be careful to avoid spending too much time on this as it can be expensive and is often less profitable than other methods.

Fortunately, the game offers many opportunities to make money outside of crafting and leve grinding. The daily roulettes, hunt boards, and Beast Tribe quest rewards can be a solid source of Gil, and a player can also make some good money from selling glamor gear that isn’t necessarily needed for end game progression. Additionally, players can earn a decent amount of gil by doing Free Company workshop work and building player housing or gardens. These projects are more lucrative if done at night when the competition is less active. Also, be sure to check out MmoGah for more helpful guides and tips.


If you’re a crafter or gatherer (the Disciples of the Hand and Land) it is very easy to make lots of Gil in FFXIV, as many of the items you produce are in high demand from other players. This is especially true at the start of a new patch, when the market is still hot for materials that were previously unknown or undervalued.

For example, some of the lower level gathering professions, such as Miner and Botanist, harvest ores that sell for a fair amount of Gil in the Market Board. However, at higher levels, they can craft valuable equipment that will sell for much more.

Similarly, if you’re a Blacksmith or Goldsmith, crafting can be an extremely profitable way to earn gil, as you can turn crafted gear into the more desirable Relic Weapons and Armory pieces that fetch a lot of Gil. The same can be said for Weavers, who can turn dungeon loot into glamorous outfits that are coveted by other players.


In addition to the aforementioned methods of making Gil, gardening is another method that can be quite profitable for players who have invested in housing or Free Company workshops. When a player grows certain plants they can receive a high-value produce item that is sold on the market board for a decent amount of Gil.

It is important for crafting and gathering classes to stay up-to-date with the content in a given patch cycle, as new items sell for a high price due to not being widely available or having been recently released. This will help make your materials and gear the highest priced on the market, which will earn you a larger profit.

The enchanted plots that can be purchased from Barley in Silent Market Khrysalis are also another great way to increase your profits, as they prevent selected needs from being refilled for 48 hours. This can be especially helpful in the case of plants like Thavnairian Onion that have a long harvest time.


Gil is the main currency in FFXIV and can be obtained by killing monsters, doing missions, guildleves, dungeons, and selling items. Players can also purchase a variety of items for sale on the marketplace that can be used to boost their character’s performance or for cosmetic purposes like glamour, minions and mounts. Aside from these traditional methods of obtaining Gil, players can also benefit from engaging in advanced dungeons and raid content.

The 6.3 update introduced new high-level dungeons that can provide lucrative rewards including gear and items, which can be sold for a profit on the marketplace. Additionally, players can participate in the daily Treasure Map event to obtain a random reward item. Additionally, players can use their FC Chest to store items to sell later. In addition, the ‘Adventurer in Need’ bonus offers a bonus of EXP and Gil for players who queue for a Duty Roulette that requires a specific role (tanks or healers). This system is extremely profitable for tanks and can be repeated on a regular basis.



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